Co-Curricular Activities

Each afternoon, NDA students take part in a wide variety of clubs and activities that we refer to as “co-curriculars.” Students may find themselves discussing global issues, designing computer code, or using their artistic talents on stage or in the art studio. As many alumnae will attest, new experiences at NDA soon become life-long passions and careers.

Don't see your interest on the list below? Talk with one of our faculty members to create your own co-curricular.

A Capella Choir

A Capella Choir is a small vocal group that is given many opportunities to sing a sophisticated repertoire of music during liturgies, concerts and other school events. Auditions are held at the end of the school year and practices are held once a week after school with additional practices scheduled as needed

Anime Club

The Anime Club promotes an in depth study of the Japanese culture through their unique and ornate animation. Students not only gain experience in creating Japanese Anime, but they also use this as a framework to further study Japanese language, history, and social structures.

BrainSTEM Club

The BrainSTEM Club engages students in fun STEM activities and projects that lead them to discover the amazing capabilities of their brains. Members decide on the STEM challenge for the upcoming meeting, and help lay the plans for it. The club is led by Cuvilly students and a faculty advisor.The club welcomes any member of the school community to join our monthly meetings

British Culture Club

In this club, students seek to educate and expand their horizons about aspects of British culture using technology and literature. Students read, chat and study literature, movies and music, as well as current event topics related to Britain. Student use technology such as Skype and email to contact Notre Dame schools in England.

Chinese Culture and Language Club

The Chinese Culture and Language Club is open for all to learn more about China through its traditional festivals and activities. For students of Chinese, this is an opportunity increase an appreciation of their growing language skills and enhance their Mandarin speaking ability by being fully immersed in a Chinese speaking environment with Chinese international students.

Computer Team

The Computer Team allows students to further develop their interest in basic computer science skills. Students are introduced to a variety of topics such as Binary Numbers and Python programming. Former and current AP Computer students help to guide the students along.  

Cougars for the Cure

Cougars for the Cure aims to create awareness of women's health issues. Topics such as breast cancer, skin cancer, domestic violence, or other relevant issues might be addressed throughout the year. Student members facilitate educational activities for the school as well as run fund raisers for specific causes.

Creative Art Club

Students bring creative writing pieces and art that they wish to share and have commented on by the others.   The students offer each other prompts or receive prompts and instruction from their advisor. The club also welcomes guest speakers who share their experience of the creative arts.    

Debate Team

This club debates current issues and events in friendly and open meetings.  Members research both sides of a current issue and then, after providing instruction and background, the debate begins!  This club works on building rhetoric, speech, and public speaking skills in a supportive and lively environment. 

French Club

The French Club will celebrate the culture and heritage of French-speaking nations. Through organized fieldtrips to French restaurants and cultural exhibits along with enjoying French movies and music, members of the club will gain an appreciation of all-things Françoise!

Growing Greener Club

Growing Greener Club began as two separate clubs: Garden Club and Green Team. Now the club is a collective effort to make the school community “green” in terms of energy use, recycling issues, environmental concerns, volunteer work, gardening (indoors and outdoors), and enhancing the natural green beauty of our campus overall. Over the years the club’s members have worked on larger projects such as getting an energy audit here at the school, creating a sustainability proposal that led to a “green” bathroom and hydration stations, and building and maintaining a school garden. Club meetings’ themes vary between long term project work, movie screenings, field trips, and quick creative crafting or planting activities.

Helpers & Healers

The Helpers and Healers members explore various healthcare careers through guest speakers and sharing of experiences. Club members also learn about health and wellness issues that effect young women and promote awareness among their peers.

Instrumental Ensemble

This ensemble is open to all students who play woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments. For those who cannot fit Instrumental Ensemble into their daily schedule, this class is offered after school for credit. Rehearsals are once a week. This ensemble performs in the Christmas and Spring Concerts and members are eligible to participate in the Southeast District and All State auditions and music festivals.

Junior Classical League

Celebrating the classical civilizations of the Greeks and Romans, as well as their language, art, culture, and accomplishments, this group boasts as the largest educational youth organization in the nation. At the local level, the Massachusetts JCL is the 9th largest chapter in the nation. Members participate in activities with other local high school chapters and also have the opportunity to attend an annual state convention.


The 1804 Society is a mission-based leadership organization for students at Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur schools all over the world. 1804 members serve as Distinguished Ambassadors for Open Houses, Shadow Days, School Fairs and visits, special school events, Alumnae receptions, and other programs.

The 1804 Society is named in honor of  the year that St. Julie Billiart and Francoise Blin de Bourdon began the order of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The society is based on six values: community, education, goodness, leadership, service, and tradition. It carries out the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, the school’s history, and NDA’s Catholic identity within and outside the school. It is a distinct part of the school experience as students consider their place in the SNDdeN global network. 

Math Team

The Math Team is open to students from each grade, and brings students with a common enthusiasm for mathematics together. The team meets regularly in preparation for monthly competitions, held at local high schools. A spirited group, these students are committed to their own advancement of mathematics.

Model U.N.

Model UN gives students the opportunity to participate in simulations of the United Nations in debating world issues. The group meets and researches articles based on world issues and plans for conferences held periodically throughout the year. NDA travels to schools such as BC High, Xaverian, and Brown University to compete in these simulations. For students interested in world issues, international relations, and debating, this club offers students a first hand account of how the UN works.


The Medallion is NDA's student-run newspaper. The Medallion incorporates news-worthy events in our school community with world-wide news to create a well rounded student-run newspaper. Contributors from all grades are encouraged to attend brief weekly meetings where ideas are exchanged and assignments for story coverage are made. Students combine human interest pieces, sports announcements, editorials, and artistic pieces to provide NDA with a unique and informative account of recent events. Click here to read an issue of The Medallion.

Robotics Team

Working as a team, students assemble their own robot with this after-school club and participate in state competitions throughout the year. The team is a terrific opportunity for students interested in engineering.

Science Club

The Science Club meets monthly and gives students with a shared interest in science a chance to work together on fun activities with a science theme. Student officers plan and guide the club participants through activities such as making slime, bouncy balls, and square bubbles, going on a scavenger hunt, and having competitions with handmade catapults and marble mazes.

Ski & Snowboard

The Ski and Snowboard club provides recreational opportunities for students to participate in skiing and snowboarding. Open to all grades and ability levels of snowsports enthusiasts, the ski and snowboard club organizes weekend day trips to ski areas in New Hampshire and Vermont. The ski and snowboard club has coordinated trips with the NDA ski race team as well as the Boston College High School ski club.

Spanish Club

Expanding their knowledge and interest in the Spanish culture, the Spanish Book Club selects literary works that are read independently, then reviews them collectively. The students and advisor gather monthly to discuss the books chosen, examine other aspects of Spanish culture, discuss current events, and overall enjoy the Spanish culture.

Student Council

Elected student representatives from each of the four grades take on a variety of roles within the school community. Representatives discuss student concerns and ideas with administration, plan social activities, such as Cotillion and Heritage Day, and participate in several service projects. Student Council is an excellent way to get involved in the school community, as representatives are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles among their peers and teachers.

Student Government

This is an elected body of students representing each class in the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These elected representatives are responsible for addressing issues specific to their class such as its treasury and collecting class dues, sponsoring class specific events, such as prom and retreat, and bringing issues to the administration.

Students for Soldiers

Students for Soldiers is a club that will organize ways to give back to our troops. Students will write letters, make care packages, and show appreciation for those in uniform.

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC)

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC), seeks to learn how to address issues prominent in our society that affect teens. TASC works to learn how to create change within these issues. Originally founded with the intent to prove that teens can positively affect our society, the group acknowledges that issues regarding teens can be overlooked and that this must change.

Teens Teaching Technology

TTT is a group of students who visit Hingham Senior Center to spend time helping Seniors who want to get more from their devices, be it a new iPhone, an iPad, or just a laptop. Some of the things the girls have helped with are using Facetime to talk to children and grandchildren, setting up a Facebook or email account, and how to use Siri.


The yearbook club allows students to be a part of creating the yearbook to document school events. This club requires a level of commitment as students must complete assigned tasks to meet our deadlines. It is a great way for students to learn more about graphic design, journalism and to be a part of a documenting a wonderful school year!