Student Life

NDA’s campus REALLY comes alive when the final bell rings at 2:35 p.m.

Student life here extends far beyond the classroom. From co-curricular clubs and athletics to campus ministry opportunities and the arts -- our young women are encouraged to create new experiences.

3+ service opportunities offered each week

Campus Ministry is a great was to make new friends.
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81%of NDA students participate in sports

NDA has won 33 state championships and countless conference titles
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30+ after school clubs and activities

Check out all the clubs and activities we offer after school.
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annual theater performances

There’s something about an all-girls’ environment that allows our young women to take risks and get out of their comfort zone. NDA offers more after school opportunities for girls than any other school on the South Shore!

Fostering Friendship

Meet Our Students

Students come from more than 30 different towns.

Peer Leaders

Our peer leaders ensure everyone feels part of the community.

Heritage Day

NDA's annual day to build community.

Friendships created at NDA are like no other! NDA allows girls to bond through multiple activities. We are able to try new things with the complete confidence that our friends have our backs and are cheering us on. Allison Manning ’17

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