Learn & Lead Together

Following guidelines for returning to school, NDA will open for full-time, in-person learning in September. To reopen responsibly, every member of our community must do their part to abide by new protocols that will allow us to learn and lead together while preserving the health and safety of all.

Notre Dame women have always risen to meet the challenge of their day. Now is our time. Please review our approach for reopening and check this page often as our planning may change based on evolving guidance. Also read and sign our Learn & Lead Together pledge regarding our COVID-19 policies.

Academic Approach





In-Person Learning

  • Given our extensive campus and spacious facilities and the intense dedication of our faculty and staff, we will offer full-time, in-person learning for all students in all grades while meeting and in many cases exceeding national, state and local health and safety guidelines, particularly with regards to social distancing, class sizes and the flow of students. 


Remote Learning

  • Family-Select 
    NDA will provide remote learning on an individual basis for students who have health concerns, live with family members who have health concerns and/or are unable to return to campus this fall. 
  • Full Remote NDA-One 
    If the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires schools to close, or if NDA administration deems it necessary to limit in-person instruction, we will transition to full remote learning for all students. 





Student Experience



In-Person Learning

What you need to know for learning on campus


Family-Select Remote

Key details for distance learning


Full Remote

If we must transition to full remote learning


To help you prepare for the start of school, we've outlined a typical day for both In-Person and Remote Learning. Please familiarize yourself with our new policies and procedures above. 


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Health and Safety Protocols


On campus, we will follow stringent health and safety protocols, including daily symptom and temperature checks, maintaining six feet of physical distancing, wearing approved face coverings, practicing diligent hand hygiene and rigorous cleaning of our facilities. NDA has taken steps to prepare our campus to meet and exceed health and safety guidelines, including: 

■ Reconfiguring most classroom spaces to accommodate 16 students seated six feet apart 

■ Making hallways and stairwells one directional

■ Utilizing multiple entrances and exits for arrival, dismissal and class transitions 

■ Upgrading our HVAC systems to allow for the maximum amount of outdoor air circulation and improved indoor air quality 

■ Repurposing outdoor space for learning, relaxation and mask breaks 

■ Increasing our cleaning schedule  and hiring additional staff to sanitize classrooms, restrooms, high-touch surfaces and common areas on a near-constant basis



For the two weeks prior to orientation starting on September 8, student, parents, faculty and staff are asked to follow safe and healthy COVID-19 practices, especially social distancing. All our community members are asked to follow the governor’s travel orders, which currently state: 



All community members will participate in comprehensive COVID-19 awareness and training. This will occur during orientation for students and professional development workshops for faculty and staff.