2020 Program Details


What you need to know:

What is the start date for NDA's fall program?

Per the MIAA, fall tryouts/preseason can begin on Friday, September 18. Our season will start on the following dates:

  • Friday, September 18: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball 
  • Saturday, September 19: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Soccer
  • Monday, September 21: Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance, Field Hockey, Soccer, Swim & Dive, Volleyball

What is the eligibility process for fall athletics?

There is a three-step process for eligibility for each athletics season. Any questions on eligibility, should be sent to Athletic Trainer Carolyn Crescenzi Rein '86.

  1. Students should login to their student portal and complete a player profile form found here
  2. Parents should login to their parent portal and complete a RPPC (parent consent) form found here
  3. All student-athletes must have an up-to-date physical on file. Per state guidelines, this is an in-person exam within 13 months of the start date of the season (September 18). Please send all physical exam paperwork to School Nurse Deb Vazza.

Where can I find sport-specific information?

Once a student-athlete has completed her player profile on the student portal, she will be added to the team page for her selected sport under “Varsity X.” All candidates will be placed here until tryouts are complete and teams are determined. For fall programs that are Varsity only, all students in grades 7-12 will be on the Varsity team. Team pages contain information for each sport, including a calendar of practices and competitions, resources and bulletins from the athletic department and coaching staff and contact information.

Does NDA Athletics have rules and regulations due to COVID19?

Yes. Our athletic administrative team and coaching staff will execute all athletic sessions based on modifications directed by the MIAA. All students will receive training on their first day. Review the relevant information for each sport below:

  • Cross Country modifications & guidelines found here
  • Dance modifications & guidelines found here
  • Field Hockey modifications & guidelines found here
  • Soccer modifications & guidelines found here
  • Swim & Dive modifications & guidelines found here
  • Volleyball modifications & guidelines found here

*Please note that fall competitive cheerleading is in a high-risk category. Presently, the MIAA has approved member schools to practice only. NDA will honor this guideline. 

Will students abide by social distancing in athletics?

Student-athletes are expected to maintain social distancing as much as possible. Coaches and athletic staff will ensure this takes place during practices and games. This includes additional spacing between athletes while stretching, warming up, chatting, changing drills, etc. Student-athletes must maintain distancing and there will be no congregating of athletes while running drills. 

What are the mask/face covering protocols?

Student-athletes are required to wear cloth face coverings/masks per EEA guidelines. Gaiters are acceptable, and each NDA athlete will be given one gaiter to be used during athletic activity only.  Gaiters are only to be worn upon exiting the building; they are not an acceptable face covering for use inside the school. 

During play, practice or competition, when spacing between players is greater than 10 feet, athletes may momentarily take brief mask breaks. The Athletic Trainer will have a supply of emergency PPE should a student-athlete misplace her face covering. They will not be given out daily. Student-athletes with questions about health concerns with playing with a mask on should reach out to our Athletic Trainer directly. 

How will equipment and facilities be cleaned? 

All athletic equipment will be sanitized daily after use. Student-athletes are encouraged to bring their own sport-specific equipment daily. Please see team expectations on the portal. 

Is their adequate PPE and sinks for handwashing? 

The athletics spaces are equipped with extra masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, and mounted sanitizing stations are available upon exiting the building to get to the fields, at each sideline and outside the gym. There are sinks equipped with hot water, soap and paper towels in the concession stand bathrooms located off the turf field. The front field will have a portable restroom with a sink, warm water and soap.  Students will be directed to wash their hands after using the restroom. 

What are the locker room protocols?

Due to locker room capacity guidelines, teams will need to change at a specific time each day. Time slots will vary based on practice time, game time and departure time. The time slot for each team to change will be emailed prior to the start of the week. This will also be posted to the bulletin page of the student’s portal and outside the locker room. 

Masks need to be worn the entire time in the locker room. Student-athletes must report to a changing pod (marked in each room) to change, and report directly to their location as quickly as possible. Student-athletes who are not in the time slot after dismissal should go to the dining hall and be seated until your team’s time. 

How will bathroom and water breaks work?

We recognize the students will be hydrating throughout activity and working hard. We have bathrooms located in the concession stand off the turf, as well as portable bathrooms both outside the turf and the front fields. Students will use the bathroom one at a time and sanitize and wash their hands upon leaving the bathroom. Student-athletes are required to supply their own water each day and are encouraged to fill their water bottle before heading to practice. We have contactless water stations in the locker room. The Athletic Trainer will have additional water as needed. 

Will we be able to meet the coaches?

In the past, we have hosted in-person sessions for coaching staff to meet players and families. At this venue, coaches typically cover their philosophy and expertise, introduce staff and captains and discuss expectations for the season. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, coaches will post videos to each team page introducing and welcoming student-athletes to their program. 

What is the policy for reaching out to coaches? 

Parents should never confront a coach before, after, or during a practice or game, or contact a coach at home. Topics parents may discuss with coaches include a students’ psychological or physical treatment, ways to help students develop and improve, or concerns regarding students’ behavior during athletics. Parents should not discuss playing time, team strategies or play calls, or other student-athletes with coaches.

A note on playtime - It is the coach’s responsibility to decide which athletes should start a contest, who should play what position, and how long an athlete should play. Parents and students are expected to respect coaching decisions. If a parent has a concern he/she should encourage the student to consult with her coach directly. If that option does not lead to a resolution, a parent should call and schedule an appointment with the coach. If the coach cannot be reached, call the Director of Athletics who will help to set up a meeting. 

What should my student bring/wear to school each day?

This is sport specific and can be found on your team portal page under Resources > Team Expectations 

What is the process for AM drop-off and PM athletic events?

Prior to arriving on campus, student-athletes should complete the appropriate instructions for the medical screening that have been outlined by our Learn & Lead Together plan. All students are required to sign and abide by the NDA Pledge prior to the start of school. 

Morning Procedures

  • Student-athletes may enter the building through the N, D, or A entrances
  • Student-athletes with sports equipment will proceed to the gym following one-way traffic patterns
  • They will enter the gym through the right-side door and proceed to their designated area for drop-off (by sport)
  • They will exit the gym toward the main lobby through the right-side door
  • Students proceed to class either up or down designated staircases

Reminders: Drop and go – there is no lingering. Students with cars should leave their sports equipment in their vehicle. Please take anything from your athletic bag that you might need for the school day.


Afternoon Procedures

There are four possible after-school scenarios for student-athletes - Specific sports daily off-campus; Competition off-campus; Athletic event on-campus at dismissal; Athletic event later than dismissal. See the chart below for more details. 


What if my student is absent or dismissed from school for an illness? Can she still participate that afternoon in athletics?

If a student is dismissed or absent from school with any symptoms of not feeling well, they are not permitted back to campus for an athletic event. 

What if my student is feeling sick before or during play?

Students who feel sick should stay home as indicated in the daily health screening submitted by parents. During the program, the coach will have the student-athlete call her parents if a student feels sick. The student-athlete should wait with the Athletic Trainer until they are picked up. 

What happens if there is inclement weather? 

We will suspend play for thunder and lightning only. Student athletes will be taken indoors to the dining hall. They will wear a mask indoors and maintain six-feet of social distancing. We will resume play after 30 minutes of no thunder or lightning. Student-athletes should be prepared to play outside if conditions call for play. If any athletic event is cancelled for any other reason there will be an announcement during school hours. 


Athletic buses are limited to 23 passengers. We are working with Ingle Bus Company to secure travel to away competitions. The schedules will be up to date by October 1 on your team portal. 


The spectator rules and regulations will be finalized in the coming weeks and communicated to each program accordingly. 

Who should I contact if I have a question?



Sept. 15, 2020

Reminder that we will host a Fall Sport Information Session on Tuesday, September 15 at 6 p.m. 

Please register here for the session.

Once registered, you will receive a link to attend the event. The link you receive is custom to your registration, so please do not share.