Students of all musical backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome in the NDA music program. Study music theory. Learn an instrument. Sing your heart out.

As a student in the music program, you will:

  • Challenge yourself in the techniques of performance
  • Collaborate as a member of an ensemble team
  • Immerse yourself in a variety of musical cultures, both past and present
  • Use music as a tool for personal expression and community action

Music Program Offerings

Offerings in the music program at NDA include:

  • Both choral and instrumental ensemble experiences for all students in middle and high school
  • Music theory study at the high school level
  • Many opportunities to participate in the school's robust musical culture, including performances at liturgies, concerts, spring musicals, and other community events throughout southeastern Massachusetts.

Music Courses

  • Cuvilly Choir
  • Cuvilly Instrumental Ensemble
  • Cuvilly and High School Combined Performance Choir
  • High School Instrumental Ensemble
  • High School Piano Studio
  • High School Guitar Ensemble
  • High School Performance Choir
  • High School Music Theory I
  • High School AP Music Theory

Music Clubs

  • Cuvilly Songwriting Club
  • High School Orchestra Club