Get Involved

There are many ways alumnae can become more involved at NDA!

Check out the opportunities below and for more information, contact Director of Alumnae Relations Stevie Michelle McLaughlin at 781.749.5930, ext. 2247 or

Reunion Committees

Would you be willing to work with the Alumnae Office to organize Reunion activities for your class? This year’s Reunion Committees have been instrumental in bringing back a record number of alumnae. The Alumnae Office is currently seeking Reunion Committee volunteers for Reunion 2018—especially for classes ending in 3’s and 8’s!

Event Committee/Hosts

Would you be willing to host a reception in your home or sponsor a reception? The Alumnae Office would like to get on the road and is seeking hosts across the country!

Do you mind lending your name to a networking event - don't worry - this does not mean you have to pick up the tab. We have found our graduates enjoy seeing the names of fellow classmates as event hosts. We rely on our hosts to help spread the word about the program and help welcome guests during the event.

Class Agents

A class agent is an ambassador for their class. Class agents are instrumental in keeping their peers up to date on what is happening at their alma mater. Help us reach out to your classmates and keep them connected to NDA. We rely on the class agents to help gather class notes, promote upcoming events, encourage philanthropy among the class, and more.

Alumnae Association Board

Are you interested in joining our Alumnae Board? We meet four to five times per year during the week at NDA.

The Alumnae Association maintains mutually beneficial relations between the Academy and its alumnae, preserves bonds of friendship among the members, promotes a positive image of Notre Dame Academy, and represents the alumnae on issues affecting all traditions of excellence at the Academy.

The Alumnae Association represents alumnae of the Fenway, Granby, Roxbury, and Hingham academies. Any graduate of Notre Dame Academy or any former student who has attended for at least one year and whose class has graduated is a member of this Association.

Terms for general members are two years and three years for officers (President, Vice President, and Clerk).

Alumnae Committees

Below is a list of our committees; you do not have to sit on our Alumnae Association Board to join one of these committees - all are welcome and most work can be done electronically. Please contact Alumnae Director Stevie Lee Taylor if you are interested or would like more information.

Class Relations
The Class Relations Committee seeks to engage alumnae through their class affiliation and shared experiences, assisting in the recruitment, training, and support of volunteer class leaders, as well as promoting NDA spirit and traditions. The committee uses this class-based approach to enhance and promote events of interest to all alumnae, including, but not limited to the Roxbury/Grandby Street Luncheon and Out of the Blue Gala.

The Communication Committee encourages and facilitates communication between and among members of the Alumnae Association and their respective constituencies regarding the alumnae activities and the Academy as a whole. As such, the committee promotes and maximizes alumnae participation in social networks, ensure the Association’s accessibility to and from the alumnae community, and acts as ambassadors, personally delivering news and event information to alumnae.

The Networking Committee works to connect alumnae with one another around professional areas of endeavor, considering strategies for alumnae as well as graduating students as they seek to establish or expand their careers. The committee also supports the Office of Institutional Advancement’s biennial efforts to connect student and alumnae through NDA Career Day.

The Service Committee plans and promotes activities and opportunities for the alumnae to continue the commitment to social responsibility and global justice after graduation.

The Spirituality Committee helps to provide opportunities for alumnae to grow in their faith by participation in a variety of spiritual programs throughout the year.

Young Alumnae
The Young Alumnae Committee works to increase the Alumnae Association involvement of graduates of the last 15 years by planning and promoting a variety of events specifically for young alumnae. The committee also plays a key role in the Office of Institutional Advancement’s efforts to build relationships between current students and alumnae.

Recruitment and Nominating Committee

The Recruitment and Nominating Committee is charged with identifying, recruiting, and assisting in the training of alumnae whose commitment and expertise will strengthen the work of the Association. Members of the committee include both current members of the Alumnae Association Board and members chosen from the alumnae community at large. Each is expected to have the experience and knowledge necessary to fulfill the purpose of the committee to generate a slate of candidates representative of the entire alumnae body. Members, whose nominations must go through said committee and be approved by the Board itself, serve for a term of three years. The chair of the committee is elected by the committee at the first meeting.

Alumnae Mentorship Program

We are always looking to connect seasoned professionals with current students and young alumnae. We hope you will consider our mentorship program this year. 

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