Tuition and Financial Aid

Notre Dame Academy seeks to enroll the most qualified applicants, regardless of their financial circumstances.  Though our financial aid dollars are limited, the goal of our admissions approach is to make a Notre Dame education possible for those young women who choose it.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $23,475. 

The approximate cost of books is $800 annually and a new uniform is estimated at $200.

All students are required to have a full-computing device. You can learn more about the specifics of our Bring Your Own Device program here.

Additional fees will be assessed for participation in optional programs such as athletics and travel experiences.

Investing in Your Daughter's Future

For many families, an NDA education requires careful financial planning. If you believe NDA is the school for your daughter, we encourage you to explore the options below to determine the best approach for your family.

Affording NDA

Payment Plans

Families can choose from two tuition payment options:

Plan 1: Full payment due May 20
Plan 2: Ten payments, May through February. Payments are processed via FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.

Financial Aid

Notre Dame Academy provides a limited amount of financial aid to families who demonstrate financial need. In order to assist as many families as possible, the financial aid offered generally will not exceed fifty percent of the total tuition.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is used to determine the extent of a family’s need. The Financial Aid Committee requires both custodial and non-custodial parents to complete the online FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application. Step-parent resources should also be included in the information provided.

Financial aid is a need-based grant and is not repaid. Financial aid awards are valid for one academic year; families must reapply for financial aid every year.

Merit Scholarships

Notre Dame Academy awards merit scholarships to select qualified applicants who are seeking admission. Students who apply for admission are considered for merit-based scholarships and the awards are based on the strength of the applicant pool. Notification is provided upon acceptance to the Academy.