Guidance Curriculum

Our guidance curriculum has been designed to address the needs of each individual grade. All courses are taught by the guidance staff and meet once within a seven-day cycle. Our guidance curriculum is intended to complement the individual meetings that occur throughout the year between the student and her counselor.

Grade 7: Study Skills

The seventh grade group guidance class will focus on the transition and adjustment to a new school, including an overview of school resources. Topics will focus on identifying learning styles, developing study skills necessary for success (including note taking, test preparation, time management, seeking extra help, prioritizing and staying organized). Students will also learn about goal setting and co-curricular opportunities available at NDA.

Grade 8: Community Building

The class will focus on strategies and tools used to form healthy relationships with peers, to understand oneself and to communicate in a positive and effective way with others.

Freshman: Making High School Count

Freshmen will meet in small guidance classes to learn how to have a successful high school experience.

Students will get an overview of Guidance services and resources and how these can ensure a smooth transition from middle school to high school. Study skills, extracurricular participation and the benefits of stress management will be emphasized ensuring a successful high school experience.

Sophomore: Future Planning Through Self Assesment

In this sophomore course, counselors guide students through a variety of self-assessment activities. By gathering information about themselves, students will identify and research potential careers or college majors that may be a good fit. The work done in this course will have a direct influence on the college selection process. This interactive course uses a variety of interest inventories and tools available through the Naviance program

Junior: Planning for College Admissions

This course covers all of the topics relevant to college admission. Each group meeting focuses on specific topics such as researching colleges, having a productive campus visit, preparing for interviews, writing the college essay, planning for standardized tests, writing a resume and much more. At the conclusion of the course, juniors will be acquainted with all of the important elements of college admissions.

Senior: Guidance Sessions

Along with individual meetings, counselors meet with seniors in small groups to cover the “fine-tuning” of the college admissions process. In addition to reviewing material covering in the junior year, counselors work with seniors to prepare them for the process of filing applications to the colleges of their choice.