The Theology Department seeks to educate young women in a manner modeled after St. Julie's teaching: believing in a God who is good, living according to gospel values, serving others, and creating environments that encourage the development of the whole person.

Students are encouraged to value life as an on-going personal faith journey to deepen their relationship to God, self, and others. We educate on behalf of justice and infuse the classroom experience with global perspectives and an appreciation of diverse cultures. Students are encouraged to integrate service into their lives as they witness gospel values.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Through daily prayer, liturgies, and prayer services, students have the opportunity to reflect and grow in their faith.

  • Guest speakers (e.g. DOVE, Perinatal physicians) visit classrooms to help students integrate their classroom learning with the world around them.
  • Students are encouraged to attend events, speakers, exhibits, and community events that bring their learning beyond the classroom (such as visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Boston, attending Youth on the Hill Day).
  • Students are often moved to act on the issues they learn about in class. The Theology Department assists and supports students in organizing class projects to address and respond to disparities in the world.