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vita!, the magazine of Notre Dame Academy, is published two times a year. It is mailed to more than 6,000 alumnae, parents, and friends of the Academy. Click on an issue below to download the full magazine.

Winter 2009 | Are all girls' schools still relevant?

Spring 2010 | Fostering Faith and Inspiring Spirituality Students Explore Their Relationship with God

Summer 2010 | Dawn till Dusk One Day at NDA

Winter 2011 | In Uniform NDA's Mission Lives on for Alumnae in the Military

Spring 2011 | The Game of Life Lessons from the Playing Field

Summer 2011 | Beyond Lesson Plans

Winter 2010 | What do we have in common? Cultivating an Environment of Acceptance at NDA and Beyond

Spring 2012 | Changing the Face of Healthcare How Alumnae are Shaping This Dynamic Field

Summer 2012 | Standing Out What makes NDA unique for every student?

Winter 2012 | Embracing the East Students' Experiences with Chinese Culture Expand

Spring 2013 | Capturing Creativity The Arts at NDA

Summer 2013 | "No graces are greater than the gift of friendship." -Saint Julie Billiart

Winter 2013 |The Connected Classroom How Technology is Enhancing the Learning Experience at NDA

Spring 2014 | Nurturing the Legacy of Saint Julie

Summer 2014 | Celebrating Traditions Uniquely NDA The Graduation Issue

Winter 2014 | The Green Issue Creative Approaches to Environmental Education

Spring 2015 | Introducing Generation Z

Summer 2015 | Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Future

Winter 2015 | Women in Politics

Spring 2016 | Space Matters Renovations Enhance the Learning Environment at NDA

Summer 2016 | The Food Issue

Winter 2016 | Success in STEM