Faculty & Staff Directory


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Amanda Adamczyk

Titles: Director of Campus Ministry
Departments: Campus Ministry

LanLan Bao

Titles: Science Teacher
Departments: Science

William Benson

Titles: Social Studies Teacher
Departments: Social Studies

Cyndi Berger

Titles: Spanish Teacher
Departments: World Languages

Christopher Bianchi

Titles: Math Teacher, Department Chair, Department Chair
Departments: Mathematics

Marissa Bianchi

Titles: Assistant Principal Curriculum & Tech Integration, Director of Summer Programming, Science Teacher
Departments: Science, Administration

Jacob Boesch

Titles: English Teacher
Departments: English

Suzanne Bouffard

Titles: Paraprofessional

Lois Burke

Titles: Executive Assistant to the President

Allyson Butler Pā€™24

Titles: World Language Teacher / Department Chair, Department Chair
Departments: World Languages

Sarah Butler

Titles: Art Teacher
Departments: Visual and Performing Arts

Catherine Callahan Pā€™14

Titles: Instructional Technology Specialist
Departments: Information Technology

Jean Campbell

Titles: Director of Operations and Stewardship
Departments: Advancement

Allison Capaldo ā€™09

Titles: English Teacher, Department Chair
Departments: English

Abigail Carroll

Titles: Paraprofessional

Charlotte Elizabeth Cheyne

Titles: Math/Computer Science Teacher
Departments: Mathematics, Computer Science/Technology

Anne Marie Clogston

Titles: Stem Teacher

Liam Concannon

Titles: Social Studies Teacher, Head Coach, JV Tennis
Departments: Social Studies

James Conroy

Titles: Lead Custodian/Maintenance Technician
Departments: Facilities

Teresa Corrigan

Titles: Math Teacher
Departments: Mathematics
1 2 3 5 > showing 1 - 20 of 93 constituents