Managing COVID-19


We continue to monitor the spread of the novel coronavirus. After thoughtful deliberation, NDA transitioned to a Distance Learning Platform, effective Monday, March 16, 2020 until the end of the academic year. While we're not together in person, our community is still connected. We're welcoming newly-enrolled and prospective students and families through online gatherings and virtual information-sharing sessions. 






“We are both very impressed by how Notre Dame Academy has handled these challenging times.  No one has any reference points to what we are now experiencing, but we have been struck by the constancy of the outreach, the support of the teachers, and an overall attitude of "we can do this." It is through adversity that one is tried, and although it has been far from easy, the feeling emanating from NDA is that we will all persevere. Frankly, what I have seen from the Academy validates all the reasons we thought NDA would be a good fit for our daughter at the outset.” ~ Parents

“My husband and I would like to thank the faculty and staff at NDA for their amazing turnaround from in-school to out-of-school learning. This has been the absolute best response we have seen to the coronavirus; from the initial updates, to what the administration was doing to keep the school clean when the students were still in school, to the seamless transition to on-line learning, NDA has excelled and surpassed expectations. We would like to thank you and commend all of you for this accomplishment in these trying times.” ~ Parents ‘23

"We are so grateful for the teachers, leadership, and values NDA has shown during this difficult time of studying while quarantining." Parent

"Impressive steps taken by NDA administration and faculty to keep classes moving along." Parent


"The speed with which you have set everything in place to continue their education from home and the proactiveness of the entire NDA team has been absolutely first class. The communication has been clear, calm and reassuring to both the girls and the parents. We are really very impressed indeed." Parent


"As a past parent I can only say WOW! This is fabulous! The girls won't fall behind, won't be "bored" by being at home, and are certainly being productive while being allowed some socialization." Past parent


"As an alumna, I'm so proud of how NDA has continued learning experiences. Kudos to the staff and students for their resiliency and innovation." Alumna


"Great job NDA on adapting so quickly! What an impressive pivot by teachers, administration and students!"



"We certainly had the “A” team working on this transition. Thank you NDA!" Parent


"Kudos to administrators, teachers, &  IT for communicating and implementing so quickly to parents and students. You are amazing role model’s and leaders for our girls." Parent


"Thank you NDA for your great leadership and dedicated teachers! Amazing communication and so fast adapting to our 'new normal.'" Parent


" Overheard some of the lectures this grateful our kids have the accessibility and a great plan by the school!" Parent


"Kudos to teachers and administrators for having this up and running so quickly. Impressive!" Parent


"I cannot believe how smoothly and seamlessly this is proceeding. Thank you for being so prepared for this, NDA!" Parent


"Thank you NDA for making this transition so seamless and smooth for our girls!" Parent


"Thank you for leading us through this trying time/our hour of darkness, with a sense of purpose and ever hopeful. You have ameliorated any undue anxiety from your example of grace and calm. Your resiliency has set the tone from the beginning of this crisis. All sentiments and words borrowed from you but that can be unequivocally credited to you to begin with.  So easy to follow your lead because you lead so beautifully. All of God’s gifts and Easter blessings to you. Thank you for a great year in spite of this seismic shift. May God grant you continued wisdom and strength as you lead our community through the conclusion of this year." ~ Parent


Please thank the Students and all the folks at Notre Dame Academy for the broadcast of the Rosary and Stations of the cross. What a delight it is to still have the traditional services in these hard times. Just finished the stations of the cross.  Well done. Even though we are shut out of our churches, with modern technology we are able to participate and join in services with our Catholic Community...Give my thanks to the students, choir and anybody who worked on this project.  ~ Alumna